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Where can I get accurate information?

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According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), when pandemic flu happens in the United States, as many as 4 in 10 school-age children could become sick. Many teachers and staff members would also be ill or need to care for sick family members, and not be able to report to work. The effects on our schools could be staggering. In some cases, schools may be required to close for an extended period of time.

Why Do Schools Need To Close?

Children are especially vulnerable to diseases, and may not always practice good health habits, such as hand washing, as often as they should. Because pandemic flu spreads easily from person to person, limiting the spread of the flu may mean closing areas where large numbers of people gather, like schools.

Who will decide if schools need to close?
  • This will be a joint decision between the Wisconsin State Health Officer, local public health officers, the State Superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction, and local school officials.
When will schools close?
  • Schools will be asked to report flu-related absences and monitor students for signs of sickness.
  • Schools will close if it is decided that having children within such close quarters is helping the spread of the disease.
Who is going to care for my children while I am at work?
  • Families are encouraged to work with relatives and neighbors to find alternative forms of child care.
  • Parents might want to ask their employers if working from home is possible.
Will the cancelled school days be made up?
  • Schools may offer the option of providing educational materials for students to take home with them, or to access lessons online.
  • When the health situation is under control, every effort will be made to make up for classes missed.
  • While the education of Wisconsin’s students is very important, during a pandemic the physical well-being of residents will be the main focus.
For more information contact:
La Crosse County Health Department
Phone: (608) 785-9723

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